Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine TravelI took a quick 24 hour trip to Portland, Maine, to see a little snow and eat some yummy lobsters. I love the idea of being in a place for just a day, because you have to quickly move around and see as much as possible and visit the right places to feel the sense of the town or city that I am traveling to.


TAOS-Portland-Maine-outfit-2I had met with some friends in Boston and we decided to drive to Portland, which is a few hours away. We did an overnight road trip, which basically took us a few hours to get there. and we spent the night and explored during the day. Mostly we hanged out in the Old town area, by the bay.

My number one list of things to do was to eat! I had always heard of how great the seafood was here, so we did a stop at J’ Oysters, which is right on the bay, where obviously, we hit the raw bar and had fresh oyster’s and delish lobsters, dipped in butter and all.

To satisfy my sweet tooth, we also did a quick stop at The Holy Donut. Their donuts are super yummy, and they are made with potatoes, so think about not feeling guilty about having dessert, because it is somewhat healthy. It’s a little bit different of what you would typically think a donut taste like, but it was so good, I tried the Pomegranate one.

Once we where full of food, we walked around the Old Port thru narrow cobblestone streets surrounded by red brick buildings, which are very photogenic to take some pics, while making your way to the bay area to the Promenade, which has a really pretty Marina area. From walking this portion of this town you can notice all the British colony influence, that Portland, Maine has.

Portland-Maine-Old-Town TAOS-The-Holy-Donut-portland-maine-travel TAOS-portland-maine-travel-bay Js-Oyster-Portland-Maine-Lobster Js-Oyster-Portland-Maine-Oysters TAOS-Portland-Maine-outfit

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