Organizing and Balancing my day

Organizing and Balancing my dayLately, I have been thru the ideas of how organizing and balancing my day. Splitting my time between my day job and fashion illustrating and adding to that fashion/lifestyle blogging. I work as an Architectural manager from 9 to 5 (which is more like from 7:30 to 7:30) which is a very demanding job, that I love. But with my passion project being fashion and lifestyle, I enjoy investing my remaining hours of the day to it. 


In the last year I have been fortunate enough to work more on my fashion illustrations, and work with really cool brands like Dolce and Gabbana and Mazda. If you follow me on social you probably caught a glance of the many events and brands that I have been working with. (If you haven’t, you can follow me at @GissiJ on Instagram). Between all this this, traveling and having some family time, I do not have time left for much, but I do my best to manage it.

Tips for Organizing and Balancing my day

Use a Calendar

I would say this is my number one thing to follow, if it is in my calendar I do it. I even schedule in my exercise time and my day meals. The same way all jobs or collaborations I am working on, go into that Calendar. I check it every morning when I wake up, and follow the day ahead. I go old school and carry an Agenda I write in and follow the calendar on my phone using a cloud service to link it to all my devices.

Set a Goal

Goals tend to keep me oriented and on the path of what I need to do. I usually try to work towards a goal, either long term or short term, sometimes it changes a little bit or completely and becomes a new goal.

Take some time off

Schedule some downtime, so it doesn’t feel like you are just working the whole time. I do get burned out from time to time, and for that I take a few days off social media and posting and just relax, regroup and come up with new ideas.  I schedule a once a month spa day, and during the week I plan time to do my nails or do my hair.

 Pics by Zeinab Kristen Visuals


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