Be a Feminist

We should all be Feminist Illustration by The Architect of Style - Gissi JimenezInternational Women’s Day, is today March 8th, and for that I wanted to  share with you an illustration inspired on all the strong and powerful women out there. Because “We should all be Feminist”, like the Dior t-shirt says, and support one another, cheer one another. And like that other Nike t-shirt says, “The Force is Female”, because we are brave, we are powerful women who are Bosses, and we make our own decisions, we create a life for ourselves and our future children.

And from the Gucci Fall 2017 Ready-to-wear runway show, with phrases freely written with markers on top of branded t-shirts with notes saying, “Common Sense is not that Common”, no matter what happens in this world women do have a voice, and we make ourselves be heard, and no one will ever change that.

I typically don’t get political on any of my social media, but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on what this day represents, for my mom, my grandmother, my sisters, my girlfriends and all women.  Because one thing I have certain, and that is that the Future is Female.

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