DIY How-to: Ball Drop Earrings

DIY Statement Ball Drop EarringsI’ve been having this thing for really big statement earrings. I specially love the Bon Bon beaded ball drop earrings from Rebecca De Ravenel’s. I love that you can wear this even been dressed down, just to add a little bit of drama. And being the crafty person that I am, I wanted to create a tier drop earring inspired on it. For my version, I used Acrylic pearl beads, but you can also use beaded ones, in different sizes. 

Materials Needed

Small, Medium & Large “Pearl” Beads | Clip-on Earrings with Loop | 26 gauge bead wire, silver color | Crystal 4mm Venezia bicone beadsMini bail forming pliers & side cutter


Start by cutting two identical 6″ long wire pieces, and loop around the end to lock, by using the bail forming pliers. I love using mini ones, because they are easier to handle for small projects, like this one.


Start filling up the wire, using the larger pearl bead working your way thru the smallest one. For separating in between the pearl balls, I used small venezia crystals beads, I like the separation that two gave, but you can also use only one.


Once you get the final bead, you can loop the top using the pliers and connect to the clip-on earring. I prefer using clip-ons for this because the bead are a bit heavy, so when you wear them it doesn’t pull your ear lobe. I love how the final product look, as it looks very fancy and nice. iI can’t wait to try this on a ombre colored version, maybe pinks or blues.


And if you are not feeling that crafty to do your own DIY, there are some pretty affordable (and not so much) options that you can shop below.

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  1. April 17, 2017 / 3:03 am

    Wow! I wouldn’t have thought about DIY-ing these. They look great! Thanks for sharing!

    for vanity’s sake

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