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Gold Hoop earrings
Classic Simplicity

Let me tell you, if I have learned something in the last year. Is that simplicity is the way to go. I have always been of a minimal aesthetic. And you can tell that, when you see my home and how I carry myself on my daily life. Marie Kondo has nothing on me! As an artist and as a blogger. You know how many things we get (or buy), so we can do photoshoots and attend events etc. Things could get a little cluttery around here, but I learned habits with the years that have morphed into something, I call ‘”Classic simplicity”.

Lately, I have been overly thinking my purchases specially for lux items like shoes and bags, and even my jewelry. I have opted to invest in items I can wear more. Think of classic pumps, classic bags and classic solid gold pieces, like hoop earrings or chain necklaces that I can layer in with any outfit.

The entire idea is that classics never go out of style, and as such. You get more bang for your buck. Getting nicer pieces that last longer (or mhmm… forever, talking about gold instead of fantasy jewelry). And look fantastic and well put together in the process.

Classic Simplicity look


Zara Halterneck bodysuit in Beige Pink | Clara, Stella and necklaces from Nikki E. Design | Pearl cuff earring from Amazon | Gold hoops (similar here)| Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Ashton

A few of the items in my shopping carts, include neutral colors everything. And I mean bodysuits, crop tops, shorts, skirts and pants. In white, black, nude. I still buy the occasional dress or top, in a trendy print or cute color item, because you know a girl needs some pink in her life.

Same goes for my makeup, I have forgone fake eyelashes. And have been getting lash lifts and tinting them. For a more natural look, that still makes me feel glam. And earthy tone or pinky lipsticks that are long-lasting and matte. See above for the one I am wearing on these pictures. From Anastasia, it is soooo good! and doesn’t dry out your lips.. And I can wear it under masks and not get them everywhere.

Let me know on the comments below your thoughts. If you would do this classic simplicity thing or if you already have?


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  1. Ana E Calderon Randazzo
    April 14, 2024 / 12:37 pm

    So nice ti meet you at the Pier 66 event!
    We love our portraits

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