Perfect Skin

Perfect Skin

Since I was 15, I have always been in the search of having a perfect skin. My goal has been that on a daily basis I don’t have to wear a heavy layer of makeup. Or better yet, If I could bypass wearing any foundation or BB cream at all. A few weeks ago, I met Dr. Anna Sottile from the Aesthetic  Medicine Institute of Miami. And the first thing that she brought me in for, was a consultation. In my mind, I went in with the idea of getting maybe some injectables (Botox and such). My main idea was to remove some of the lines and plump some areas that turning 39 years old has given me.

Meeting the Doctor

When meeting the doctor, she explained that the skin looses collagen and that makes the face looks droopy with age. At first glance I have very good skin, as I take really good care of it. But I needed a little lift and even out the pigmentation thru out. She said that botox was not the solution for what I was looking for, and turned me into the world of Micro-needling.

From talking to Dr. Anna, I learned that Micro-needling is a Skin Rejuvenation treatment that improves the overall look of your skin. The process works with your derma skin layer and results are to reduce fine lines, skin sagging, brown spots, it can improve the look of dark circles, improves skin discoloration among other things. As Dr. Sotile puts it, is a cost effective treatment that gives you the most results to have that healthy looking skin.

The treatment itself consists of four sessions once a week, to make the skin produce the peak collagen levels, and results can be maintained for about 6 months when you go back in for a touch up.

At each treatment, the micro needles are increased in intensity and size, to maximize results. After each treatment your face ends up a little red but in my experience, it went away after a few hours. When posting this on my stories I got the question about the pain, it is not a comfortable treatment but it can be withstand, once the needle goes over an area it doesn’t go back again.

A few things to keep in mind before Micro-needling to get that Perfect Skin

  • Make sure to have someone trained and that know what they are doing, in this case using Dr. Anna Sottile, who is a licensed physician and I will recommend her hands down.
  • A new needle cap should be used, everytime. The doctor always showed me when she opened the sterile packet that we where using.
  • Be sure to use really moisturizing products thru out the treatment, so your skin absorbs all that goodness. Dr. Sotile has a skin care line called AMIM that is pretty good. And I have been using for the past 6 weeks or so with fantastic result. My favorite is the  Liquid Silk, which is like a non greasy honey consistency drops that you can use to seal in the moisture.

From my results you can see how overall the skin all over my face has increased its glowyness and looks more healthy.  Some old scars have decreased in appearance. Also my cheeks look smoother and more plump.Around my eyes the fine lines almost disappeared. My dark circles improved a bunch, I still use concealer but have been using less makeup overall. See pictures of my results, below.

You can contact Dr. Anna Sottile at the Aesthetic Medicine Institute of Miami for a free consultation to 305-807-3133, and her office is located in the Brickell area at 1800 SW 1st Ave, Suite 603, Miami, FL 33129 and checkout her

*The Architect of Style received the treatments complimentary and all opinions are my own.

Perfect Skin


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