Embracing with ModCloth

Embracing your body with ModclothLet’s be real, my best feel good moments include me wearing an outfit that makes me feel empowered. It doesn’t matter if it is a power suit or just dressed down for the weekend. When clothes fit right you feel like a million bucks. For today’s post I have partnered with ModCloth, to be part of their #ModClothSquad, and to share with you how I embrace my body. All women have different body shapes, and this is what makes us unique. 

It doesn’t matter if you are short, tall, supper skinny, have hips and curves, or like me have skinny legs and a little belly.  At this point in my life, I have learned to dress for my body and make the best of it. Most importantly, I have learned to embrace and love it. Because at the end of the day, I truly don’t get dressed for other people. I dress for myself, and wear clothes that make me feel happy and confident, that let me be ready to go anywhere. Like these relaxed skinny pale pink ripped jeans, which I styled cuffed over to be ankle length and this embroidered off-the shoulder white top tucked in half way, so it wouldn’t look to slouchy, (see below to shop).

You can always find on Modcloth.com feel good happy clothes like this one in every size.

And I know it gets overwhelming trying to pick clothes online, but if you need a little help choosing. Check out their mobile app that recommends items based on your size via the ModCloth mobile app.

PS.: As an additional tip check out their accessories section, because they have the cutest things (i.e. bracelets and bags).

What I Wore

Edgy Efficiency Skinny Jeans in Blush c/o Modcloth | Radiance on the Rise top in White c/o Modcloth

This post is in collaboration and sponsored by Modcloth.

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