The Pampered Dad

TAOS-Pampered-Fathers-day-gift-ideas-lacoste-clarinsWith father’s day is coming up soon, I wanted to share some of the Father’s Day / Dad Gift Ideas ideas I am having for my daddy’s gift. If you ever get to meet me and my father, you will automatically know that many of my traits I get from him. He is  a man of lifestyle and that loves pampering, just like me.

The funniest story came along a few months back, when I was telling my mom all about a new Clarin’s face serum, and she told me that my Dad had already bought it, and that he had a special way of putting it on, not rubbed into your face but more like pressing the product into your skin, which is the Clarins way, and he already surely knew how to do it perfectly. (See here a video on how-to). At that point, I automatically knew that for Father’s day I had to get my dad a pampering package that would include some men skin products and such.

And these are my Dad Gift Ideas

  • Clarins Men Anti-fatigue Eye Serum:  As he already had the full face serum, I think a good idea was to introduce him to the world of eye care. This serum reduces wrinkles and makes you look more awake and rested. Great for working dad’s like mine.
  • Lacoste Energized Eau de Toilette:  This essence with notes of Ginger and Mint, its perfect for the dad that is young at heart, to make him feel energized while wearing it.
  • The Art of Shaving, The 4 elements for the Perfect Shave Box: Well this one is a must for any guy, bearded or not. It is made of handcrafted accessories that provide great shaving result, helping against ingrown hairs, razor burn, and nicks & cuts. The Kit includes a Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, After-Shave Balm, and Pure Badger Shaving Brush made with 100% genuine badger hair.
  • A Spa treatment: You know Dad needs to get pampered too!, so a great idea is to get him a pass to a fancy spa to get a mens facial or a deep tissue massage.  I like to get discounted vouchers to some really nice spa treatments on deals sites like Gilt City Miami. (Check it out here).



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