Block heels

Block Heels
Block Heels

I consider myself more of an stiletto kinda of girl. But while shopping for shoes this past weekend, I noticed these really cute block light blue block heels, and felt compelled to try them on. The first thing I thought to myself, if it looked to much like a shoe that my grandmother would wear, because of the stocky short heel, still I went ahead and tried them on. It was a different experience as I usually wear really high heels or very flat shoes. A short heel is not really my thing, but they are indeed very comfortable, there is no denying that. I looked at myself on the mirror and twisted around a few times to see the different angles.

I have very skinny long legs, and in proportion this type of shoes look a bit out of scale for me. But with all and all, I still liked how these sandals looked on me. I passed on buying them right there, to check online to see what I can find in this range. And it seems, I am particularly interested more by taller block heels, color ones or ones with designs that have some sort of detail on the heel, that makes it be more modern and not so older looking.

Here are some of my picks, let me know in the comments what do you think I should get or if you would wear this trend?



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