DIY: Aquazzura inspired Colorful Pom-Poms Sandals

A Colorful PomPoms Shoes DIY
A Colorful Pom-Poms Shoes DIY

One day online shopping, I ran into these colorful shoes and of course fell in love with them! You know me and pretty shoes!, so I decided to do a DIY inspired on the Aquazzura Raffia Pom Pom Sandal.

When I posted on snapchat, that I wanted to do this DIY, I got a lot of feedback of people wanting to see the end result. And along with fellow blogger and friend Ana from Chic, Street & Eats we decided to collaborate and both do our own version of the Aquazzura sandal. You can check out her full DIY post here.

This was a really fun project to do and I hope you guys enjoy it. If you try it out, please tag #TheArchitectofStyleDIY , so I can see what you did.

Now to it!

The materials needed
The materials needed

First let’s start with the materials needed:

I bought most of the materials locally at Michael’s, because I didn’t want to wait for online delivery, but I’m pretty sure you can get many of them also at Amazon or any craft specialty store.

I decided to do this DIY, as a removable clip so I could use these shoes in the future with or without the pom-poms or If I wanted to try it out on another color shoe.

Cut Cut
Cut Cut

I cut two strips 3/4″ x 4″ of the white felt, almost to cover the front of the sandal. I would’ve done this using a faux leather/vinyl sheet better, as the felt and pom-poms are too porous an it eats all the glue.

Shoe Clips
Prepping the shoe clips

Then glued three of the shoe clips on one side of each strip, equally spaced. Once dry to touch (about 10 min), I clipped it to the front of the sandal. You could get away with using two clips per side on the edges, but I wanted it to be more secure.

Glue Glue
Time to glue all the pom-poms!

So now it’s time to glue all the pom-poms! At this point everything is about mixing and matching the colors. I glued larger pom-poms first, by starting on the center with a somewhat zigzag pattern, and alternate colors, so no to pom-poms of the same color where next to each other.

On the works
On the works

Getting to the sides I decided to start tapering to the edges with the smaller pom-poms, I used three on each side with a triangle pattern.

All Full
All Full

Once done, it should look something like the pic above. I added a extra few small ones to the top so it looked more full.


For the laces, I removed the ankle strap of the shoes, by simply pulling them and sliding them out. Then got the 1 yard of round leather cord, and pass thru the eyehole where the strap used to be, pull evenly and so they are laced to have the same size.

You can also leave the straps on and do the lace up part, as a separate piece and just lace up your ankles with it.

and their PomPoms
Lace cord and their pom-poms

Next, is finishing up the laces, by adding some glue to the edge of the cord, glue together two pom-poms (one large and one small), kinda sandwiching them together, with the cord in between. Repeat on all three cord ends. And Voila! You are done!

As an additional Tip: You can play around having the shoes without the clips and only the lace cord with pom-poms and they still look so good! And it looks like a totally different shoe.

The Final product DIY
The Final product DIY by the Architect of Style


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