Black & White & Reflecting

Sneaker love
Studded Sneakers c/o Mia Shoes

As you may have noticed I have been a little M.I.A., being a capricorn makes me be one of those people that it is always following rules, where everything needs to be perfect and align in it’s place. This is also probably why I chose my career path. But besides all that I also have a very creative side, where my thinking is not all “black and white”, where I allow “gray” areas to blend in and letting my inner artist come out. I needed a little break and focus on things and finding the goals that I want to accomplish this year for the blog and for my inner self.

I started my new years resolution on January 11th, I guess I had a little delay from the New Years resolutions plan, but hey! who says there should be an specific date set to assess what your future should be. So stick around to see how it develops.

Pictures by Cindy Jimenez in Washington, DC

All Black and White outfir
All Black and White outfit
The accesories: Michael kors Rose Gold Watch, Quartz Bracelet, band rings & lightning ring
The accesories: Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch, Quartz Bracelet (similar here), band rings (similar here) & lightning ring (similar here)



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