My Best T-shirt

My best t-shirt
My best t-shirt (similar here)

I wore this outfit during a really hot day in New York city, as I went on a stroll thru Central Park to meet friends. One of the things I always pack when I travel are comfy t-shirts, they are the easiest thing to wear and you can layer them, dress them up or down or even wear them to sleep. As many, I have embarked on the search for the best t-shirt and I have some basic ones that I love, but this graphic tee is soft and expresses precisely what it is, so it does the job for now.

Pictures by Amanda Stewart.

At Central Park, NYC
At Central Park, NYC
Love this reversible bag from Merona (Target)
Love this reversible bag from Merona (Target) & Mia Shoes MLE Flow Sandals
Shop the look below
Shop the look below



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