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Stay hydrated

I have a super busy lifestyle, I keep running around and everyday is different for me.  But one thing is constant, I always carry a bottle of smartwater® with me. It is very important for me to stay hydrated thru out the day. It helps me to stay focused and sharp and as an added plus my skin looks great.

During this time of the year between all the holiday shopping, decorating and doing errands all over. I follow this basic principle to stay hydrated:

At all times have a water bottle on my purse or bag. Seeing my smartwater lets me remember to drink it regularly and take sips every so often. I make it into a goal to drink at least 2 bottles, one in the morning from waking up to noon, and another one in the afternoon from noon to the early evening. I’ve learned that keeping them handy really does the trick. Also, if I am sitting at my drawing desk or by the computer I take my water out of the bag and located in a place I can see it. This let’s me be on the track to stay hydrated.

Many people don’t consume the daily recommended amount of liquids in a day, which is needed for optimal health. The average consumed liquids is 2.5 cups, which is less than half what the Mayo Clinic recommends we consume, which is 6.3 cups a day. That is why I feel that making a plan to follow works and lets me get the recommended daily intake.

I typically stock up and buy my smartwater at my local Target. I also like, that I can conveniently find already chilled smartwater, on the small fridges near the checkout line. This makes it so easy to just grab, pay and go on about my day, specially if you are short on time.

Visit your nearest Target and start to #HydrateYourDay just like I do with smartwater and let me know any other tips you follow to keep hydrated during the holidays.

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