Fall Boots Galore

Fall Boots Galore

I have an uncanny relationship with boots, I think I buy more boots that one can wear in Florida. I love, LOVE how they look. And it is probably the only reason, I would live in a cold weather area (so I could wear fall boots everyday). So at soon it is October and Fall starts. I start thinking on which ones to wear (and also shop). There are some really cool trends for this year. I am enamored with the thigh high boots! I already own a pair of black ones from Steve Madden. But I would love to get an additional set in maybe a jewel tone purple or burgundy color. 

I am also currently eyeing, some ankle high boots with pearls embellishments. Either on the heel or on the top. But I am trying to make up my mind, if to get a comfy combat style boot with pearl straps or a skinny heel ankle boot with pearls attached to the shaft. In reality, I would probably end up online ordering both and deciding after which one stays home or goes back to the store, if I don’t end up keeping both.

My third boot pick for this season are the florals! usually in suede or fabric. Embroided with bright colors. I think with red flowers or maybe a gold embroidery. But know that I think about it, maybe I’ll get crafty and I could probably repurpose an old boot. Do a DIY, take out that Acrylic leather paint and do an unique pair for myself. A little bit on the style of the Adidas I hand painted for the Famous Footwear campaign I did a few months back (you can catch that post here).

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