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TAOS-Eat-in-chef-menuWho wouldn’t want to have their own personal chef? If you are like me, after a long week of work, comes Friday, and I don’t feel like cooking. I also don’t feel like going out. But I wan’t something special to treat myself, and have a small dinner party with some of my friends. Eat In Chef, has the solution for that. This is a web-based service that connects you with a local Chef. With a variety of menus and cuisine styles, from French to Thai, they come right in to your kitchen, brings all the ingredients, utensils and cook for you. Think of this service as a culinary Airbnb. Where you can go see the different chefs profiles and set menus (you can also ask for custom ones). You can see each chefs profile, photos of the dishes and reviews to easily select.

The Chef that you pair with understands the kinds of food you eat and work with any dietary restrictions. Also you can select a budget that fits you. So maybe for a long week you want to spend less, but for a special date night you want to splurge a little more, so there is a good range of pricing.

Last weekend, I hosted a dinner party for my friends. We got Chef Keith Volpe, and an authentic Italian cuisine three course menu. He was trained in Italy and has worked in several renowned local and abroad restaurants.

For the first course, Chef Keith hand-made (in my kitchen) fresh warm Mozzarella and paired it with a balsamic reduction and Heirloom Tomatoes and Basil. Super delicious and did I emphasize, “hand-made?” Because that’s all that needs to be said – this was artisanal, yet contemporary, comfort food. For the main course, we had a Chicken in Potacchio with roasted potatoes. My grandmother is not Italian, but it felt like something she would had made. For dessert, we had Fresh Florida strawberries with a Marsala Zabaglione. After the chef served us, he cleaned up. We had a few leftovers,and the chef packaged it and provide instructions, on what to do with it for a later time.

This experience with Eat In Chef, was superb! I loved that Chef Keith put on a show, he told how the cheese was made. Explained to us a little of the history of the ingredients and Italian cooking. And he was very interactive with all of my guests, and they all loved the experience.

For my table setting. I created a little fancy table.  For it I made a semi-custom stationery, to use as a menu, with a blue motif watercolor palm leafs. I typically do this kind of work for many clients, for their private dinner parties. (If you would like something like this, shoot me an email on the contact me button above).

Eat In Chef

Is now launching in Miami. But you can also get it in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

For this post Eat in Chef provided a complimentary dinner party experience. Opinions are my own.

TAOS-Eat-in-chef-making-table TAOS-Eat-in-chef-making-mozarella-2 TAOS-Eat-in-chef-final-touches TAOS-Eat-in-chef-making-mozarella TAOS-Eat-in-chef-Course-1 TAOS-Eat-in-chef-Course-2 TAOS-Eat-in-chef-Course-3


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