Live Drawing at Kendra Scott

I am trying to recap on the blog some of the events and brand work, I have been doing lately. A few weeks back, I got the opportunity to be Live Drawing at Kendra Scott newest store at Brickell City Center. Typically I do a lot of events, where I am fashion illustrating and sketching, but you only see a little bit of it, if you follow me on my instagram (@GissiJ), but I never take enough pictures to post (because I get so concentrated drawing), so I am starting to change that and share a little more.

I love the designs of Kendra Scott dainty jewelry pieces, and with The Color Bar by Kendra Scott, you can customize your own jewelry pieces, you can choose your favorite shape, stone, colors, and the metals you like, to create an unique piece that suits you. Also I found that they had some really neat photo frames, in metal and stones (like lapis), that by the way made my illustrations look super glam (see them below).

For the event, I was drawing on a smaller scale on small greeting cards, that the clients took home. And some even loved so much how they looked with the frames that they bought them and took home all ready to decorate their home.

I decided to add  a calendar tab, so my readers can check out any upcoming events, I might be live drawing at.

Pictures by Visuals by  Zeinab Kristen 
TAOS-Live-drawing-Kendra-Scott-frames TAOS-Live-drawing-Kendra-Scott-color-bar-illustration-gissi Live Drawing at Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott picture frames

TAOS-Gissi-Live-drawing-Kendra-Scott TAOS-Illustration-Live-drawing-Kendra-Scott TAOS-Live-drawing-Kendra-Scott-event-gissi

Shop by favorite looks from Live Drawing at Kendra Scott


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