DIY: Leather Lace Up Tie Necklace


This DIY, is inspired on a necklace that I saw, on my friend Annie from The Fashion Poet, she has been wearing one of this leather tie lace necklaces with a bow, and I love it. So I thought it was a good idea to make it into a DIY. This is a very simple tutorial and in five minutes and for less than $10 dollars, you can have a trendy 90’s vibe necklace. For this DIY tutorial you will need:


DIY Materials

First stop is cutting the leather lace into the right size. To make it enough to tie a bow lace, like on mine you need to cut the leather cord to 2 yards. If you don’t want the bow and only want to wrap it around you can cut it at 1-1/2 yards.



Tip: Always be careful when cutting with scissors, measure twice and cut once! Also keep your fingers out of the way.

Then loop the cord thru the charm first about 1-1/2″ inches and tie a knot, pull firmly to secure, then cut as close as possible, as shown on the pic below. Repeat on the other end of your cord, and voilà! A new necklace to wear.

TAOS-DIY-Lace-Tie-Necklace-Loop TAOS-DIY-Lace-Tie-Necklace-Knot TAOS-DIY-Lace-Tie-Necklace-cut-Knot

I did two different lengths and with different charms, making two variations of this necklace, for endless combinations. You can try wrapping it around (not to tightly), do a half-knot, or with lace it up into a bow (like the one I did here). So go on have fun and I hope you enjoy it!


 And if you are not very crafty and prefer buying it made, see below a few of my favorite retail versions:

Shop the look


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