Pinks & Blues

Blues and pink
Pastel hues

Sometimes in life, little changes can provide a new outcome on how we look at it. Lately I’ve been trying to eat more healthy, exercising more than couple of days a week, started meditating, these things are making me feel more at peace and happy. I also recently picked up the idea of  shooting my own pics using a tripod. Although I am typically comfortable in front of a camera, this has been such a new thing for me, to basically take self-portraits, but hey learning a new skill is good, and because I am the one looking thru the lens at myself, it goes a little beyond of just taking a pic, I can truly see the real beauty inside of me.

For this post, I wore a pastel blue top and pastel pink bag, these are colors I would typically not wear, but I am in the stages of trying out new stuff, and ditching the dark colors and the monochromes.  Also these distressed skinny jeans that Celebrity Pink sent me, have body sculpt built-in, so they are slimming and makes my tummy look a little flatter. I love this jeans so much that I wear them I think all the time, they are soft, and stretchy and they look far more expensive than what they  really are, and they seem to be on sale most of the time.

Loving this shapewear jeans c/o Celebrity Pink
Loving these jeans c/o Celebrity Pink, along with this Elizabeth & James top, Rebecca Minkoff cross body and Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps
Blues and Pinks
Blues and Pinks
Elizabeth + James Top
Elizabeth + James Top (on sale here)



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