Working 24/7 for that dream

Pic at the Elle Decor Concept House
Pic at the Elle Decor Concept House

I’m in a stage of my life that I seem to be working all the time, either in the architecture side of things or on the blog and my fashion illustrations. I may be exaggerating about working 24/7, but it feels that way sometimes.

I consider myself a workaholic at heart, as I was taught from very little that hard works pays off. (I always say that this comes from my mom’s Chinese side of the family). I have always liked to occupy my time and expand it to the fullest to take advantage of every second. My mindset usually goes as follows: Think the goal, plan for it and then attack it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but I never give up and even if the goal changes, I adapt and roll with it.

And as I mentioned before hard work does pay off, so even if I am working a little bit extra at the end it is all well worth it, as everyday passes and opportunities knock on my door I know that I am closer to getting that Dream.

Pic by Netty Del from The Fashionable ESQ



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