Valentine’s day gift guide

My Valentine's gift guide for her
My Valentine’s gift guide for her

I have a theory on buying the perfect gift for any occasion, it is just as simple on finding the defining personality trait of the person you are buying the gift for and adding an additional extra something to compliment it. For this valentine’s day I have some ideas you can pair up.

For the Romantic Girl, Hugo Boss Woman Perfume has floral and fruity notes with an aromatic twist with black tea and jasmin notes perfectly complemented with some lacy lingerie, late I have been loving anything from Love and Lemons (see here).

For the Girly Girl, A girly phone case from Casetify like one from my artist collection The Architect of Style Lips phone case  (use code “7CJCPV” for $10 off) with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

For the Fashion girl, A pretty anytime purse like the Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag with a box of chocolates like Godiva champagne strawberry truffles, they are so fab and yummy!


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