Dressing Up Silk Pants

Wearing Silky PJ style pants
Wearing silky pajama style pants

You can call them pajama, parachute or harem pants, but in fact they are the best thing that can hit your wardrobe. These flowy and lightweight style of pants are super comfortable and they work perfect for those days when you don’t feel skinny. Now the real challenge lies in trying to wear them outside of the lounging comfort zone that is your couch and into the real world which in my case I wanted to wear them to work or to go out an have dinner.

I opted for a black and white small print silk pants with a little tapered leg (unless you are super skinny and tall avoid the wide leg at all cost), I threw on a black tank top and layered it with a small silk crop jacket. To finish the look I wore some pointy pumps to look taller and not slouchy, along with some gold color statement jewelry.

Would you wear this trend? Let me know how on a comment below.

How Cute are these bebe frames?
How Cute are these bebe sunnies?
Wearing Furor Moda Rings, bebe Ideal sunglasses, DIY canvas clutch, bee bracelet
Wearing Furor Moda Izzy Rings, bebe Ideal sunglasses, DIY Wicker clutch, Mud Pie Gifts Bee bracelet



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  1. June 3, 2014 / 7:06 pm

    Your hair looks amazing here 🙂 I love these pants.


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