Wildfox Cruise 2014 – Backstage & More

Rainbow colors at Wildfox Cruise 2014 Backstage

One of the most expected shows in my list for Fashion Swim week this year was Wildfox. I had the great opportunity to tag along fellow blogger Dee Trillo from The Haute Frugalista and go backstage prior to the show.

Backstage is a fast paced environment, you could see stylists curling and setting with hairspray the models hair, girls getting dress for their first outfit other people organizing in racks the changes for the other outfits complete with a picture of each model wearing her outfit. I also got to meet Leilani Shimoda the swim and intimates designer for Wildfox & make-up artist Sarah Lucero, Stila’s Pro Artist. As Dee interviewed them for a segment as they gave the models the finishing touches.

Right after we hurried downstairs to get our seats and waited for the show to start. Full of a retro, fun vibe, the models strutted rainbow patterned suits, the show continued to show other pieces like a two flamingo bathing suit and cover-up to which the crowed wowed as if the show was paying some homage to this South Beach town.

*All pictures are taken by me. If you want to use any of them please send me an email requesting permission.

Finishing touches
Wildox behind the scenes the models getting their hair done
Stila Makeup Pro Artist Sarah Lucero
Retro feel at Wildfox Backstage
Leilani Shimoda with the girls of Wildfox
Stila’s Makeup Artists hard at work
Dee Trillo fron The Haute Frugalista Interviewing at Leilani Shimoda from Wildfox
The girls ready for the show!
On the runway at the Soho Beach House in Miami Beach
On the runway
The models where playful and fun
The end of the show
And from Instagram! On the left with  Leilani Shimoda, Wildfox designer and on the right with Sarah Lucero, Stila’s Pro Make-up Artist

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