Wrist Wednesdays – “Spikes and more Spikes”

Trendy Spike Cuffs at the Touch Boutique

A couple of weeks ago I discovered Touch Boutique, located in the Mimo district along Biscayne Blvd. I usually look beyond department and mall stores and visit local small boutiques to find unique pieces.

I have to say that I absolutely loved Touch’s accessories table, they have a such a broad selection that I am pretty sure you can find something that will perfectly match any outfit. I got attacted by all the spiked cuffs specially because they carry local Charmdeliers studded friendship bracelets by architect turned jewelry maker Carli Pino.  And if you are more daring and need more there is a (look-a-like) inspired McQueen turquoise clutch that add some spikes for your knuckles.

So here you go a little insight on where to shop to adorn your wrists (and other things) this Wednesday!

Charmdeliers by Carli Pino
Spikes on your knuckles




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