Wrist Wednesdays – “Belting it”

Wrist Wednesday belting it

Sometimes you have too little bracelets, maybe too many or you just do not know what to wear, at least that is what you think. Moving away from my accessories boxes I occasionally look into other areas of my closet and find that things like belts, ribbons, scarfs and other stuff can be re-purposed, i.e. to adorn my tiny wrists.

Case and point, over the weekend I had to improvise. I didn’t have any jewelry on me (the nerve). I looked so plain. I went through my bag and found a skinny pink belt. Thank you to the upstairs fashion gods, for clearing my mind and making me so crafty. I wrapped it around my carpus and Voilà! I was accessorized.

In this post: Merona pink Skinny Belt with Harness (Still available in orange at Target)



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