A few new illustrations and a sweet treat!

Paris Girl
Some yummy Macarons from MacarOn Cafe  & my Paris Girl Illustration (available here)

I have been working on the online illustrations shop and I just added a few new girls and also some really colorful ones with designer shoes.

So go ahead and check them out! You can use code SHIPSKETCH for free shipping in all orders until June 6th. (The Architect of Style Illustrations Shop)

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My home office with WD My Cloud and a Giveaway!

My blogger home office desk, where I just added the WD My Cloud Expert Series
My blogger home office desk, where I just added the WD My Cloud™ Expert Series

As a fashion illustrator one of the most important things for me is backing up my files. I backup once and do a mirror of that, on another drive and triple save it also on an off-site cloud. I know… I know I’m a little paranoid of loosing any of my work, specially after hours of editing, a girl can never be prepared enough!

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The Architect of Style at west elm Pop-Up Shop

One of my custom illustrations mounted on a West Elm Gold Frame
One of my custom illustrations mounted on a west elm Gallery Gold Frame and west elm Faceted terrarium

Whats better than my fashion illustrations?…. My fashion illustrations all dec’d up in one of the glam west elm Gallery frames (pictured above).

Next Saturday January 10th,  I will be at the west elm store in Dadeland, Miami with a Pop-up shop. Where I will be selling my illustrations and you can also get one of their Gallery frames for 20% off when you buy any of my items. So come by and see me, I’ll give out some tips on how to make the perfect Gallery Wall using west elm Gallery frames and my The Architect of Style Illustrations.

What:               Local Pop-up shop

When:              Saturday, January 10th from 1pm – 4pm

Where:            west elm Miami – 8805 Dadeland Blvd, Miami, FL 33156

More info:      On west elm  Miami- Dadeland Facebook page here

The flyer for the event
The flyer for the event


Exhibit at Vizcayne for DWNTWN Art Days!

Exhibiting for Downtown Miami Art Days!
The Architect of Style – Exhibiting for Downtown Miami Art Days!

This Friday September 19th, I will be exhibiting at The Viewing at Vizcayne in Downtown Miami in coordination with DWNTWN  Art Days. This will be the first time I showcase my artwork as The Architect of Style, along with other local artists.  Also there is a silent auction being conducted during the event, for which I have donated one of my original pieces and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the National Parkinson Foundation.

The event is open to the public and is free to attend. So come by and say hi, and enjoy some lite bites and wine!

  • When:             Friday September 19  5-8 pm
  • Where:           Vizcayne – 244 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Check out more  info on the events facebook page (here) and the flyer below!

The info!
The info!

Spring Cleaning: Organizing my makeup vanity area

My vanity makeup organization
My vanity corner makeup organization

I don’t consider myself a girl that hoards makeup, I go back to basics and try to have only the things I need.  I don’t wear crazy amounts of makeup but I do always leave the house with something on. Since I moved to our apartment (over a year ago) my makeup had been lying on a corner of the bathroom vanity inside makeup bags. Not seen all the makeup that I had many things where just growing old and never been used.

First I looked in Pinterest and started pining things that I liked to a board. From there I got the main idea of what I wanted to do to clean the space and make it look nicer.

Secondly I accessed how much make up I had and did a major cleanup. Starting with throwing out things I had no idea when I got them and started anew.  Usually beauty products say their shelf life in the box that they come in. A quick tip I do, is add a little sticker to the back of the product say, an eye shadow, and write down the date that it would expire after opening so if I opened ion 04/14 and the shelf life is 12M then I write down 04/15. That way I don’t keep anything longer than needed.

As for the organizing portion I decided to get an acrylic tray with divisions that would hold most of my makeup. For the brushes I used and vintage style apothecary glass vase with a lid and cored them with some glass pebbles, like the ones used for floral arrangements. The rest of my brushes I added to a mason jar.

To complete the décor look I got a vintage frame for which I drew a special illustration for it.  (If you would like one check out my store here to get one). Added a candle and an Amethyst cluster stone that has protection and calming effects, which you know we all need sometimes in this hectic life.

The Architect of Style illustration, Alixx Tea Time Candle & raw quartz stone
The Architect of Style illustration, Alixx Tea Time Candle &  natural amethyst cluster
Brushes in a vintage style apothecary glass vase and mason jar
A tray to hold everything
An acrylic tray to hold everything


A sneak peek into my home with Kleenex Style

Sharing a little bit of my day to day with Kleenex
Sharing a little bit of my day to day with Kleenex. How cool is this oval tissue box?

Today I am showing of a little bit of my personal space along with Kleenex Style Studio. When I think of tissues the first name that comes to my mind is Kleenex, this brand is so etched in my brain that I basically call all tissues Kleenex. I know I’m not the only one, as they where originally used as a facial tissue to remove makeup, it quickly became a famous household name.

The Kleenex brand is celebrating their 90th anniversary and for that they have launched the Kleenex Style Studio, which is a fun, inspiring way to discover the different styles and designs of tissue boxes, and I’m not talking of those that you may want to hide under a cover box.  There are some really nice designs and shapes. (Yes shapes, tissue boxes are not square anymore).

Check out Kleenex Style Studio website and browse the many designs that can compliment your space and your style, and let me know what you think on a comment below.

Pictures by David Pulgar Photography

Loved this color cubed designs of the Kleenex box with bright colors
Loved this Kleenex Expression color cubed design its bright and colorful like me
A quick type use a Kleenex to take off excess lipstick
And lastly a quick tip to make your bold lipstick last longer. Apply your lipstick and use a Kleenex to blot the excess and reapply more color.

And if you have some time to spare today, test your fashion sense for a chance to win a trip to NYC! By playing the “Catwalk or Kleenex” Quiz.

Thank you to Kleenex® for sponsoring today’s post.


Ideas for an area to work from home

The perfect home office desk area

For the most part all the work of my day job I do it in the office. Regardless I still need a space at home to do all my after-work activities (blogging, drawing, DIY, the occasional freelancing, etc.). Dave and I live in a modest size apartment,  our second bedroom which I call ” the man cave”, ends up being his home office. I have my own desk area in the master bedroom so it’s close to all my clothing and accessories. It is a compact space that I need to maximize to make the most out of it.

I was thinking of getting some shelves but sometimes shelves look so cluttered that I deviate to use them. I definitely will need  to display inspirational pictures & stack up boxes to store trinkets and such. I’m also roaming around with the idea of having a chalkboard wall panel so I can brainstorm and write up to do’s. Maybe it should be magnetic chalkboard paint in order to pin pictures and cutouts from magazines.

So many ideas keep flowing back and forth but I do have certain the color palette I want to use. Black, white, gold and maybe some pink will make everything look nice.

P.S.  I would also need a pencil holder for my color pencils how neat is this brass one from Zhush. If  you want to see other ideas I have pinned, follow me on my pinterest (here).


Pics via Stylizimo | Fluorescent Palace | Lily | Zhush | Pinterest

Ideas for a not so new dining table

Ideas for a not so formal dining room

On a daily basis, I brainstorm and do research for the architecture and interior design projects that I am working on. So many inspirational images of beautiful spaces come across my screen during this time that I have decided to share some of my finds from time to time on the blog.

After recently moving to a new apartment, I decided to update our dining room table, which was a little old-fashioned for my taste. It is a solid wood table that reflects an art deco/art nouveau style. I decided to get rid of the chairs and replace them with some new ones. My idea is to pair the aged wood table with some modern leather chairs with metal legs, and as my apartment is not that big, I would add two stools on the ends to give more room to the space. Similar to the black and blue picture from the CB2 catalogue (shown on the top right), perhaps with deep orange or red stools, that would match better with my living room decor.

Even if you are not changing your dining sitting, I hope you find my inspirational images useful. The idea of combining old furniture pieces with new ones can really update any space.

(Pictures source: Skona hem & CB2)