Organizing and Balancing my day

Organizing and Balancing my dayLately, I have been thru the ideas of how organizing and balancing my day. Splitting my time between my day job and fashion illustrating and adding to that fashion/lifestyle blogging. I work as an Architectural manager from 9 to 5 (which is more like from 7:30 to 7:30) which is a very demanding job, that I love. But with my passion project being fashion and lifestyle, I enjoy investing my remaining hours of the day to it. 

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My home office with WD My Cloud and a Giveaway!

My blogger home office desk, where I just added the WD My Cloud Expert Series
My blogger home office desk, where I just added the WD My Cloud™ Expert Series

As a fashion illustrator one of the most important things for me is backing up my files. I backup once and do a mirror of that, on another drive and triple save it also on an off-site cloud. I know… I know I’m a little paranoid of loosing any of my work, specially after hours of editing, a girl can never be prepared enough!

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My only New Year resolution

Wearing H&M dress, JS booties and BCBGMAXAZRIA envelope clutch
Wearing H&M dress, DV booties and BCBGMAXAZRIA envelope clutch (see below to shop the look)

The holidays are over and with it the New Year starting. Every year I do a list of resolutions which for the most part only half of them I keep, 2014 had great opportunities and  moments for my blog and my career and I am grateful for that. I also had some not so good times in other aspects of my life, but I tend to not dwell on the past.

For 2015 I have decided to only following one resolution and that is to do things that make me happy, so you’ll see more drawings not only for artwork/decor but for some other things as this blog is one of those things that keeps me smiling.

Pics by Netty from The Fashionable ESQ




Escape Miami style lounge and some live drawing!

Summer Fun
Our Summer Stories! Wearing Mink Pink Floral Dress, Miami Style Mafia Gladiator Sandals (similar here), Forever 21 Chain necklaces (similar here), Panama Hat (similar here)

It’s time for Miami Swim week again! Just like last year, along with 45 fellow bloggers I am collaborating on a photo exhibit for the second annual ESCAPE Miami Style Lounge hosted by Annie Vasquez from The Fashion Poet and Peroni Italy.  This year our pictures were taken by Getty Images photographer Alex Tamargo from ALTAimages, telling “Our Summer Stories” at the National Hotel, where they will also be on display the day of the event.

In addition I will also be doing live drawings of the attendees in some posh fashion illustrations teaming up with one of my favorite brands MIA shoes.

So please come by and say hello. The event is complimentary to attend and deets and invite are below! Don’t forget to RSVP! (It’s a must)

WHEN:             Saturday, July 19, 2014 Noon – 5 p.m.

WHERE:          National Hotel Miami Beach, 1677 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139


(Must be 21+ to attend & Valet Parking is available)

Beach Time
Beach Time

Miami Fashion Blogger Swim Week Street-Style Photo Shoot at National Hotel Miami Beach, Photos by Alexander Tamargo @ALTAimages

The invite!
The invite!


Want to shop my fashion illustrations?

The online shop is open!
The online shop is open!

I have officially opened the doors to my online shop: The Architect of Style Shop. It took a while planning and as anything new I’m excited and nervous, but the time feels right and I had been getting many request to sell my artwork so now you can. Feel free to check it out and share with your friends.

Also stay tuned for Monday for an special Valentines day announcement.

DIY: Creating a Media Kit for Bloggers

Sharing some insight!

This week I gave a workshop at the Style Blogger of Color Conference about how to make a Media/Press Kit, and I decided to make it available to my fellow bloggers. I understand how hard it is sometimes to get all the blogging business aspects, especially if you are not in public relations or marketing. I spent a good time sorting out all of this information so it can be useful to other easily.

So let’s start by explaining what it is.

A Press kit or Media kit (as the call it in the business world) is a summary of who you are and what you do as a brand. At a glance everyone should know what you and your blog are all about, and the way to partner or collaborate with you.

Here are some highlights of what your Media/Press kit needs to include:


How the name says it is all about you. Who you are, what are the main highlights of your blog. Are you a stylist, a beauty blogger or a fashion blogger, an illustrator, or a photographer? Where are you based? Essentially is a small snippet of who you are.

You can probably take this from your About page. Also add your logo and/or a portrait picture. Use a professional looking photo. You can also be creative and use a picture that depicts what you are all about. 

Readership & Stats:

At this moment you need to become BFF’s with your Google Analytics. This is the tool that would tell you who your readers are, how many Visits, Unique Visitors, Page Views etc. 

Include the demographics of your target audience. Are they 15? Or are they 30? Women or Men, Where are they from?

Add the numbers of followers you have on Social Media. i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bloglovin etc. 

Include a date or period range when these numbers were taken. You may want to update it from time to time as your following grows.

Editorial  & Collaborations:

I like showing how the layout of my blog looks and this is the part where I would highlight your niche. If you have statistic of how many views specific to the post you are showcasing also add it on this portion.

As a rule of thumb add the most viewed collaborations or partnerships with brands you’ve had. If you don’t have any yet. Show it on posts of how you would do it.

Don’t go crazy with the highlighting a few is enough, but do show off your best! 

Services Offered:

Make a list of all the services you offer this includes: Banner Ads, Sponsored Posts, Social Media Promotions, Events Promo, Photography, Illustrations, Styling, Product Reviews, Giveaways, Dedicated Newsletters, Product Endorsements, Workshops, etc.

You can also include your pricing in this section but I prefer having a separate document showing the pricing upon request. That way you can always negotiate and give them personalized packages catered to each brand, but this is up to you. 

Contact information:

Show your website address (of course!), Include your Email, Phone number & 
Mailing Address or P.O. box.

How to make it all look pretty

Layouts can vary depending on how much information you need to add to your press kit and how long and how much experience, you may have. You can have several pages or just one, each blogger is different.

For my layout, I followed the same principal as my blog a very minimalistic and clean-cut look. I added my logo to every page, so who ever sees it doesn’t forget who I am by the third page. Remember you are branding yourself so people need to remember you.

I use the same logo on all correspondence and media referring to my name. It is on my Business Cards, Blog Site and Media Kit. I also always use the same colors everywhere. Same thing goes for fonts and organize the paragraphs to look the same as my posts. Branding is all about consistency.

So Now What?

You have your Media/Press kit. Is time to go out to the world and show it. Don’t be afraid to reach out to brands, pitch yourself.

Make your kit easily available for anyone (brands) to get it. Add it to your About page as a downloadable link.

Even if you are a part-time blogger like me, it is good to show that you are professional on the services that you are offering. Having a Media/Press kit gives you credibility and it makes brands trust you more.



You can download my quick tips guide here.