Très Bien


You know, I can’t complain about my life these days. Sure I do work a lot, but everything is Très Bien (like this Monstera leaf swimsuit says). This past month, I started a new exercise routine, where I am going to the gym five days a week. I’ve been eating healthy and I have been making it a point to make time to just stop and relax. Having some time to enjoy life with family and friends, or sometimes even by myself. 

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Summer trends: The One Piece Swimsuit

One Piece SwimsuitLong live the One Piece swimsuit! This past week in Miami, was SWIM WEEK, and if you where following me on social, you got to see a sneak peek of the shows and all the madness. One of the major trends that I saw going on strong was the one piece bathing suit. For all of us that don’t have the perfect model  aka the Victoria’s Secret Angel body, we where happy with joy. As they can be so forgiving. 

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Embracing with ModCloth

Embracing your body with ModclothLet’s be real, my best feel good moments include me wearing an outfit that makes me feel empowered. It doesn’t matter if it is a power suit or just dressed down for the weekend. When clothes fit right you feel like a million bucks. For today’s post I have partnered with ModCloth, to be part of their #ModClothSquad, and to share with you how I embrace my body. All women have different body shapes, and this is what makes us unique. 

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A Chic Floral Jumpsuit

Floral Jumpsuit

For a change I bought this floral jumpsuit, as a backup for a baby shower I was attending, but I never wore it. I kept seeing it inside my closet, so decided to give it a try. I’m not one of those people that usually wear jumpsuits, the entire idea of wearing a one piece, specially in one print or color, never appealed to me (except if it’s all black).

To be honest, I was feeling a little self conscious wearing it. I have gained a little weight as of late and thought it wouldn’t look right. But as I finished getting ready I was happy with the outcome. I think the flower pattern worked on my side. My idea was to make this jumpsuit look chic and not like it was borrowed from the 70’s. I wore it with a white long jacket draped over my shoulders and with studded pumps.

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The Disney Magic

Over the weekend, I went to Orlando for the BlogHer 2017 conference with a few of my blogger friends. While being in Orlando, we took some time to experience the Disney Magic, and went to Walt Disney World. The Disney theme parks are a magical place. I got myself the iconic Minnie ears headband and embarked on walking into the parks. We started by going to Animal Kingdom and trying out, the new Pandora area base on the Avatar movies. A truly must see for anyone. This is probably one of the most amazing virtual rides I have been on.  Then we hoped to Magic Kingdom, where we snapped these pictures.

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Have a Personal Chef with Eat In Chef

TAOS-Eat-in-chef-menuWho wouldn’t want to have their own personal chef? If you are like me, after a long week of work, comes Friday, and I don’t feel like cooking. I also don’t feel like going out. But I wan’t something special to treat myself, and have a small dinner party with some of my friends. Eat In Chef, has the solution for that. This is a web-based service that connects you with a local Chef. With a variety of menus and cuisine styles, from French to Thai, they come right in to your kitchen, brings all the ingredients, utensils and cook for you. Think of this service as a culinary Airbnb. Where you can go see the different chefs profiles and set menus (you can also ask for custom ones). You can see each chefs profile, photos of the dishes and reviews to easily select.

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Bloomingdale’s Makeup Date & Live Drawing

Makeup DateI wanted to share and invite you to a Makeup Date event this Saturday May 20th from 2 to 5pm, at the Bloomingdale’s at The Falls in Miami. And of course I will be there live drawing fashion illustration and also customizing one of a kind make-up bags for a second year, specially for you. Last year, I did some really cool cosmetic bags personalized.

Join us for an exclusive runway show hosted by Deco Drive co-host Chris Van Vliet and discover the season’s best new beauty trends, and indulge in a one-on-one session with an expert makeup artist! You’ll receive a limited edition 2-piece  cosmetic bag set with your purchase  of 125.00 or more and take home an  exclusive tote bag—just for attending.

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Creating to #StepForward

TAOS-Famous-Footwear-Stepforward-Adidas-9For this post, I am teaming up with Famous Footwear and their new campaign challenging everyone to #stepforward by championing their confidence to be their best self. I stepforward, everyday by pushing myself to try and do new things.  In my artwork, you can see that I typically use paper as my canvas, it is what makes me feel more comfortable, but art can be expressed in different canvases. I just have to add some lines and brushstrokes on different mediums, like these Adidas Baseline Sneakers, and create an unique pair. 

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Mother’s day with UNOde50


My newest collaboration for this week, is with Spanish jewelry brand UNOde50. The brand is known for its creativity and unique handcrafted styles for men and women. Their designs are bold and incorporate crystals and leather with silver and gold plated metals for a boho-chic feel.  I love that most of their pieces have shapes that are hammered and contoured, giving them a sense of uniqueness, with statement necklaces, and chunky bracelets and oversized rings.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, I will be at UNOde50 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach on Saturday May 13th from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm to live draw, sketch fashion illustrations, and create cute cards for your mom! Stop by for last minute Mother’s Day shopping and get a complimentary card to take home!

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Live Drawing at Kendra Scott

I am trying to recap on the blog some of the events and brand work, I have been doing lately. A few weeks back, I got the opportunity to be Live Drawing at Kendra Scott newest store at Brickell City Center. Typically I do a lot of events, where I am fashion illustrating and sketching, but you only see a little bit of it, if you follow me on my instagram (@GissiJ), but I never take enough pictures to post (because I get so concentrated drawing), so I am starting to change that and share a little more.

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