Drawing Saks Iconic handbags

Saks Iconic handbags

To celebrate the opening of the Saks Iconic handbags, on the new main floor of the New York Flagship store. I will be live drawing fashion illustrations at Saks Fifth Avenue in Dadeland Mall. Where they will be showing an exclusive collection of handbags that have made fashion history. All in a new and transformed way, with over a 100 exclusive handbags made by your favorite design houses just for Saks. Think Prada, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Valentino, to name a few.

I love designer handbags specially when they can be classics in essence. Because this means you can wear them now and in a few years it will still be iconic. So join me while we preview and shop for your new favorite bag, have some cocktails. And let me draw a fashion sketch of you with your new Saks Iconic handbag. This saturday february 9th, from 3 to 5pm, at Saks in Dadeland Mall in Miami.

Hope to see you there! Also I will let you know which are my favorites… (although the fashion illustration I made for this post, can give you a hint of which ones they are, lol!)

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Plaid dress and White Booties

A trend that I have been really liking is Plaid. There is no other pattern that says it’s the holidays. J.Crew has several selections of plaid in dresses, shirts and pants. I opted for this J.Crew Plaid dress, because of its flowyness and flattering shape. Having a cinched waist makes for a good way to accentuate my figure. I am really liking how I styled this dress. I paired it with white booties and a white bag. And accessorized it with big chunky earrings and a red turban headband to go with the holidays theme. When dressing for the holidays, for me more is more! And that was the look I was going for this holiday outfit.

Also I would also like to invite you to my last event of the year with the team from J.Crew, for a Last Minute Gifts Event this week, at J.Crew in Dadeland Mall. This Saturday December 22nd from 6-8pm. Let the J.Crew team help you with any last minute shopping for some awesome gifts and you know also pick out something for you. I sure do shop for me when I go gift shopping.  See below for more info on the event.

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Stay Hydrated with smartwater

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and The Coca-Cola Company. All opinions are mine alone. #HydrateYourDay #CollectiveBias
Stay hydrated

I have a super busy lifestyle, I keep running around and everyday is different for me.  But one thing is constant, I always carry a bottle of smartwater® with me. It is very important for me to stay hydrated thru out the day. It helps me to stay focused and sharp and as an added plus my skin looks great.

During this time of the year between all the holiday shopping, decorating and doing errands all over. I follow this basic principle to stay hydrated:

At all times have a water bottle on my purse or bag. Seeing my smartwater lets me remember to drink it regularly and take sips every so often. I make it into a goal to drink at least 2 bottles, one in the morning from waking up to noon, and another one in the afternoon from noon to the early evening. I’ve learned that keeping them handy really does the trick. Also, if I am sitting at my drawing desk or by the computer I take my water out of the bag and located in a place I can see it. This let’s me be on the track to stay hydrated.

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All Red Holiday Outfit With J.Crew

All Red Holiday Outfit with JCrew Holiday Event

For the holidays, I am loving the monochromatic look. I am shying away from black or white and I am opting for a bright, All Red holiday outfit. For today’s post, I am partnering up with J.Crew  to bring you how to put together this trend. And also to invite you to a Holiday Styling and Shopping Event this week, at J.Crew in Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. This Saturday December 15th from 4-6pm. Stop by and get styled by me, have some sips and do your holiday shopping, and get something for yourself too. Come by and say hi and let’s shop! See below for more info on the event.

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Fall with J.Crew and a Styling Event

J.Crew Fall outfit
Finally it is time for fall, and although in Miami is not cold yet. I have started dressing with fall colors. For today’s post, I am partnering up with J.Crew to show you a perfect J.Crew fall outfit. And also to invite you to a Styling Event this week, with yours truly, at J.Crew in Lincoln Road. This Saturday October 20th from 4-6pm. Where you can get styled by me, have some sips and shop the new Fall collection. So come by and say hi and let’s shop! See below for more info on the event.

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The Architect of Style turns Six!

This week is The Architect of Style, Sixth year anniversary, I can’t believe so much time has passed by. Although, I am a part-time blogger (that feels more like it is full-time). I have been very fortunate to collaborate and work drawing for many big fashion and lifestyle brands like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Cynthia Rowley, Adidas, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Mazda… so many that it would be impossible to list them all. 

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All Pink Outfit

All Pink Outfit illustrationI am the girliest of girls when it comes to cutesy and pink things. I just love everything pink, and when I saw that there was a pop-up Museum of Ice Cream in town, I knew I had to go. The Museum  is an instagram (millennial pink) dream. The popularity of this venue made it be sold out every time I would check to buy tickets. But finally a few weeks before it’s final round my sister was able to find tickets to attend. Although it is a little pricey to go, it is all worth it when you dive into the sprinkle pool and start taking pictures of basically everything. Now don’t expect this to be an educational museum, it is more of an interactive venue that you go thru exhibits, more like a gallery I would say. While you eat ice cream as you move thru the exhibits.

Obviously I had to dress up with an outfit that match the museum so I opted to wear all pink! I got these bright pink paper bag pants and wore it with the Pink as my Vibes t-shirt from the line of my friend Annie The Alchemist.

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The Everyday Look

The Everyday Look

I feel that in the past year, I have been dressing more casual. Using as an Everyday Look, basic pieces. It all comes about in my essence of simplifying my day to day. Typically I have really long work days. They start at the gym at 5am and then it goes into a packed day meetings and work. In the middle of all this, I go to fashion events or head on to draw fashion illustrations either for me of for a client.

It sounds like a lot, but this is what bloggers that have very demanding day jobs do. All because we really love sharing stories, and for me sharing my artwork and fashion ideas. So saving a few minutes, everyday. Specially while dressing up, comes as a precious earning. So I can expend less time thinking what to wear, and in that time do things that I love. It is just so much easier when outfits are put together using basic apparel. They look good and kinda pulled together.

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#CapturaTuCultura with Sedano’s

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Sedano’s and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Stuffed Plantain Tostones

I love to entertain family and friends, and each time I like to prepare dishes that reminds me of home. So for today’s post sponsored by Sedano’s Supermarkets, I wanted to share with you how you can #CapturaTuCultura with one of my favorite and easiest dishes to make for a get together. Shrimp Stuffed Plantain Tostones with Tomato, Cilantro, Garlic Sauce. It doesn’t get more Caribbean than pairing seafood (in this case shrimp) with earthy green plantains which makes this a truly Dominican dish to make. 

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2018 Goals

2018 Goals
At the end of each year, I reflect on the last twelve months in preparation to get ready for the new one. I started thinking of my 2018 goals, as I had a good last year. Some of the goals I had  listed got accomplished, some others morphed and changed. I got to work with some really cool brands like MazdaTory Burch and Cynthia Rowley. And did breakout of my comfort zone working on new mediums. (Check out the painted Adidas I made with Famous Footwear).

Every “X” amount of years, I go thru a growing phase, and 2017 for sure was one of those years. The things I learned personal and in business, has for sure shaped the things to come on 2018. I have worked into some ideas that hopefully these year will all come up to fruition soon.

And thank you for all my followers for being there for me, here is to 2018 starting!

2018 Goals