Sometimes is all about little details and forgetting some

Wearing Doo.ri printed ruffle blouse, Xhiliration (Target) Lattice Detail, Prune Handbag, JS studded sandals, Bebe Shades
Wearing Doo.ri printed ruffle blouse, Xhilaration Lattice Detail Shorts (available at Target), Prune Handbag, JS studded sandals, c/o Bebe Ideal Shades (on sale)

My shopping routine for cleaning supplies goes like this… I’m in need of detergent, I go to Target. I swear to myself that I will walk directly to the laundry supplies aisle. Once I cross the automatic doors my eyes catch a glimpse of the one dollar spot, I go around pick a few things that I definitely don’t need (i.e. Hello Kitty stickers), continue walking and go towards the women’s section see a few bikinis and I think how cute they are, but I need to lose an extra 10 pounds to wear those tiny bottoms. I walk all the way to the end of the hall and see the clearance section. I do quick browse and see these cute soft blue printed shorts I grab them and hurry up to the cashier line before I change my mind.  I get to the car and start driving out of the parking lot and then I remember, I forgot the laundry detergent. At least I got cute shorts with a detail lattice that I get to wear to brunch while I stick Hello Kitty to the napkins.

 Pictures by Cindy Jimenez

Shorts with a little detail
Shorts with a little detail
Lounging a bit
Lounging a bit


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  • Bettina Gutierrez

    I love your outfit. It looks so comfy and cute. I want those shorts too :)

    • Gissi Jimenez

      I know they are so cute and comfy also they are on sale at target 😀

  • July

    Love the story behind this one.