Nothing to wear?

Closet Woes

I believe that every girl has one of those days when you are feeling “blah”, and you go to dress, take everything out of the closet and swear that you need to do some shopping asap because you just can’t find anything to wear. We all go thru this at one point or another, for me was this weekend.

I am in the process of losing the few pounds I racked up during the holidays, so certain things fit too tight and not in a good way.  I resorted to classic basics cuffed blue jeans, black tee, a double breasted coat sweater and a pair of Vans. You know some times simple works and at least I don’t feel bad for what I’m wearing.

Scroll to the end to shop for the look.

Pictures by David Pulgar Photography

Lace Slip-Ons following the DIY from Kara of Sprinkles and Springs
Lace Slip-Ons following the DIY from Kara of Sprinkles and Springs


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7 Responses to Nothing to wear?

  1. Good luck losing those extra pounds!

  2. Kara
    Twitter: sprinklesprings

    Awesome shoes! :)

  3. July
    Twitter: julypena

    LOVED the coat

  4. Rachelle says:

    love these shoes and this look is easy and cute.


  5. Angelica says:

    I think we all feel like this after the holidays. I know I do everything is a little snug. More morning walks for me I guess. Good luck

  6. Ria
    Twitter: riamichelle

    You and Kara, so damn crafty! Very cute look.

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