It Girls…

So what do "It" girls wear these days?
So what do “It” girls wear these days?

Let’s talk about “It” girls. I have been flipping thru so many magazines and looking over Pinterest for inspiration and I keep seeing them. When I say “It” I’m not talking of only A-list celebrities or socialites. I’m referring to that young woman that has that Je ne sais quoi, is not even about them wearing head to toe designer brands.  It’s more about that chic look that happens to seem effortless, she always look perfect, well put together.  This girl may wear trends but the same way they can pull off wearing any vintage find with such garb.

There are so many girls like these. We are surrounded by them, I have to say I’m pretty sure right now you have an “It” girl in your life. Look closely because she might even be you.


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3 Responses to It Girls…

  1. Rachelle says:

    yes we all know one, this is awesome Gissi.

  2. Charnele says:

    and this is the perfect it girl drawing, great piece Gissi!

  3. Yep, you are so spot on with the Celine shopper!

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